Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Webcomic 27: Debt Ceiling and Tea

The debt ceiling debate is amazing to me. Also, I'm shitty at portraits.

It's a muthafuckin' Tea Party at the Terror Drome!!1

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  1. Love it. McConnell looks like a turtle without bones and Boehner's skin is the perfect shade of hangover-sh*t. And STUFF.

  2. As many other people, I Stumbled here and read all your comics. They're good, keep it up.

  3. this is pathetic. you obviously know nothing about politics. keep up the fail. especially regarding the quality of your drawings. lol2ndgrade.

  4. meh fuck that anonymous bitch... sometimes the funniest shit is the simplest. besides it's not you are a political activist making political statements. it's just humor fucker sorry someone had a bad childhood. FTR i think anonymous is actually Boehner, lol