Wanna Show your Support for the Mongrel Designs Webcomic? What the fuck is wrong with you? 

Regardless of what damage makes you want to see more of this shit there are some nice ways that you can help lower the level of discourse in popular culture by showing this to other people:

Free ways: 

Like this shit on Facebook. Seriously. Mostly because the number of likes I have is embarrassing. There is a link to the right that goes straight to the Facebook page.

Share this on Facebook. Share the comics that are most likely to piss off your religious relatives.

Tweet comics you like. It will make you seem boss and rad to be tweeting a comic that no one has heard of. You fucking hipster.

Upvote or Share on Reddit. Narwal, blah blah midnight. Yes, I'm in the club, now promote my comic.

Stumble it.

Use whatever other bullshit social media that I haven't heard of. Go ahead. Share it on or the Russian Facebook analogue that has Cigarette Burns instead of Pokes.

Leave a Comment. I love comments. Even the shitty misspelled ones.

Not Free Ways: 

Buy a shirt. Nobody wants to look at your hairy-man tits. Cover the fuck up. This option is not yet possible, so you dodged a bullet.

Donate? I don't have a donate button because that seems really shady. However, if someone wanted to Paypal some money to admin[@]mongreldesigns[dot]com, how the fuck would I stop them?

By the Way:

Thanks for giving a fuck. I do this comic for fun and I really appreciate that some people like it.

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