Friday, January 6, 2012

Webcomic 44: Frothy

This was the first vector version of the comic I did. I can't decide if it's faster than Photoshop yet. If you're not sure what vector means, it's just a design nerd thing and probably would never effect your life in the least.

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  1. Highly entertaining. I should do this to my grandparents sometime. On a side note, if the comic is pure vector art, why not post it as a vector image?

  2. Blogger doesn't support SVG files, so I think it has to be a raster version for the site. I have a link to the outline view of the file here:

  3. PLEASE update! Ive had to resort to rereading all of the older comics to get my slightly perverted humour fix!

  4. Okay, okay! Sorry, I had a lot of freelance work.

    Thanks for the comment.