Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Webcomic 45: Cat and cat. Furthermore, cat.

I suspect that he never forgave me. Also, the cat is not named after the Penny Arcade dude.

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  1. Thank you! Sorry for nagging, but im in my third year at university studying sociology in the UK. My week mainly consists of Politics, Considering rape as a weapon of war and listening to my fat sweaty lecturer talk about Karl Marx. (NB. I love marx, in a purely academic way but if this man had a time machine he would use it to go back and rub himself against Marx!)
    Anyways, my point is, I need to get my jollys somewhere!
    Hope your freelance work went ok!

  2. And then Tycho said "And why do you masturbate so much?"... his voice was soon removed.

  3. @Anonymous, I'm glad you like the comic. I'm gonna try to keep a few on hand for when I'm busy.

    @Robert, I'd probably tell him it's a testicle thing and he wouldn't understand. :)

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